The firm is divided into three major blocks of activities:

Administrative Procedures. Representation and technical advice in every case against and/or before:

  • Inspectorate of Work
  • Mediation and Arbitration Service (SEMAC)
  • National Social Security Institute (INSS)
  • State Employment Service (SEPE)
  • Navy Social Institute (ISM)
  • General Social Security Revenue Office (TGSS)
  • Social Security Executive Recovery Unit (URE)
  • National Tax Agency (AEAT)
  • Canary Islands Tax Office (ATC)

Companies (Individual Businesspersons and Business Corporations):

  • Tax Register Declaration for entries in, removals or amendments
  • Registration and de-registration in the Canary Islands Value Added Tax (IGIC)
  • Registration, removals and amendments in Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers and the Special Regime for Sea Workers
  • Request and Issuing of Contribution Account Codes
  • Admittance, dismissals and data variations of employees
  • Labour contracting per the current legislation
  • Grants and reductions for the promotion of employment
  • Calculation of wages and salaries, preparation of payrolls, relevant receipts and social security contribution forms
  • Letters of penalty and dismissal
  • Issuance of Company Certificates
  • Keeping of accountancy records
  • Completion and submission of quarterly self-assessments and annual information
  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and Corporate Tax (IS)

Workers and Employees:

  • Communication of ordinary sick leaves, work accidents and occupational diseases
  • Drafting of formal letters for voluntary resignation
  • Unpaid leave of absence
  • Dismissals

Benefits and Performances:

    • Benefits and Performances:
      • Maternity or Paternity Leave.
      • Disability.
      • Retirement.
      • Special Sea Workers Regime Retirement: reduction coefficients.
    • Criminal Law
      Our team has may many years of experience with judicial proceedings in all matters related to:

      • Corporate Crimes & Tax Criminal Law
      • Crimes against the Public Administration
      • Offences against the Administration of Justice
      • Crimes against Heritage and Public Equity
      • Crimes against Intellectual and Industrial Property
      • Crimes against the environment, against the urban development and against the territory planning
      • Computer- and Cybercrime
      • Crimes against personal freedom and sexual offences
      • Crimes against Public Health
      • Tort Law and Civil Liability derived from offences
    • Commercial & Corporate Law
      Our teamwork in Commercial and Corporate Law provides a full legal advice and consultancy to diverse companies and institutions, working together with our clients in all their fields of activities and at every stage of their corporate existence: from their start-up and foundation, financing and national or international expansion, to their potential integration in complex corporate structures, or incidentally their sale or financing restructuring. Furthermore, we have the support and the necessary knowledge to advice in bankruptcy law and insolvency court process, providing professional services of Bankruptcy Administration as well as legal advisers in liquidation and dissolution procedures of companies.
      We have a large wealth of technical knowledge in drafting all kinds of commercial and corporate contracts, as well as in the preparation of trade and financial documents. We have also developed a very consolidated practice in the field of mergers & acquisitions and Banking Law for key issues regarding substantive and procedural law.
    • Civil Law
      Counselling and guidance in all the matter related to the Civil Law, informally through meetings, consultations and interviews, formally issuing technical legal opinions in all those fields linked to the Private Law:

      • Obligations and Contract Law: swaps, trades, donations, sales and purchases, renting and leasing, etc.
      • Tort Law: Contractual and non-contractual Civil Liability, and claims for damages
      • Family Law: divorce proceedings, incapacitations, parentage, maintenance
      • Inheritance Law: inheritances, legacies, wills, probates, objections
      • Claims for non-payment
      • Pledges and Warranties (mortgage, liens, anthicresis)
      • Real Estate Law and Construction Law
      • Condominium and Commonhold Property regulations and all the subjects related to housing and resident’s associations
      • Protection of Civil Right to Honour, to personal and family privacy and image
      • Intellectual and Industrial Property: registration of trademarks and patents.
    • Employment Law
      Besides the mentioned works on the labour consultancy and advice area, the firm enjoys a good and solid reputation and a long professional career in the Labour and Employment Law before the Social Jurisdiction, representing both companies and employees at the SEMAC and the Employment Courts, with an special dedication to the Judicial Proceedings of dismissals (null and void, wrongful, unfair, unjustified, etc.), claims for wages and severances, geographic mobility, substantial amendments and changes in working conditions, collective agreements, etc.
    • Administrative Law

      • Immigration procedures and formalities
      • Administrative Law Penalties
      • Administrative contracting: grants, concessions, licences and authorizations
      • Public grants and States Subsidies
      • Eminent domains and Forced Expropriations: compulsory acquisitions for public facilities
      • State pecuniary liability
      • Procedures and Reviews on the administrative channel
      • Processes and Appeals at the Litigation Court


We also offer a fully qualified sports Law advice to all the different parts and actors involved in the sphere of professional and amateur sport, particularly in the following areas of specialization:

  • Organization and chartering of sport clubs, federations, professional leagues, sports associations, consortiums, foundations, etc.
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Challenging of sport entities agreements
  • Preparation and development of bylaws, articles of association, governing statutes, electoral regulations, rules of discipline, rules of competition, regulations of licences, etc.
  • Contracts: sponsorship, merchandising, golden parachute clauses for Board of Directors, agents and representatives, players’ transfer, assignment of image rights, merger and acquisition agreements, etc.
  • Cooperation agreements with public administrations
  • Civil liability and risk coverage in sport and leisure activities
  • Issuance of legal reports and expert opinion
  • Doping cases
  • Management and development of sports facilities and centres
  • Taxation of athletes and sports entities and organizations









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